New Tyres

New tyres summer, winter and all season tyres. Different sizes and makes available. Car, 4×4, van and trailer tyres .


Tyres Fitting

Having made a purchase, you can sign up for a tyre fitting at a convenient for you time or you have own tyres and you need help with fitting we will help you with that.

peterhead tyres fitting

Wheels balancing

Wheels balancing in Aberdeenshire, Peterhead

Wheels balancing

Cheap Tyres with Best Quality!

Why to choose RDPH tyre fitting service

Cheap tyres

Comprehensive customer service – Only at RDPH Tyres you can arrange fitting of the tyres.

Convenient shopping – No need to wait for a courier. Your new tyres will be waiting for you in our garage.

Free delivery – You only pay for products and you pay separately for the fitting at the place of assembly.

Great prices – You don’t have to fight to get the lowest price service. We have negotiated the best tyre fitting cost for you.

Comfortable and clean – Keep your hands clean and let the tyre fitters do the fitting.

You can only collect your tyres from a fitting station if you are having them fitted there.